Set Your 2019 Blog Goals [Free Guide]

2019 Blog Goal Setter Guide

Goal setting is a miracle. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. Snag your free 2019 blog goals guide in this post!

I haven’t had the greatest relationship with goals.

Most of my past goals were money-centric. Like, I want to make enough money to not have frequent panic attacks about paying rent. Ya know, #justsimplecollegethings.

Luckily, I don’t cry about rent and eating anymore thanks to my blogging and freelancer career. It basically saved my life. However, this has left me with poor goal setting habits.

This year, I’m changing that. You’re coming along for the ride weather you’re interested or not.

You need to set goals. As an offbeat grad, you don’t always have some looking over your shoulder making sure you get everything done at the time. Who’s there to push you every day to meet your goals?

In this episode, I’m talking about how to set SMART goals that last. These aren’t just “make more money next year.” They’re legit, actionable goals you can break down into simpler tasks.

AND I have this free, no-strings-attached guide for you to use with the episode so you can start your own New Year’s goals as a blogger or freelancer. That’s right, just click the link below to download. No email or money needed.

Think of it as a New Year’s gift from your favorite podcaster (ha).

Speaking of New Year’s gifts, if you still haven’t started your own blog, now’s the time. Join my 5-day COMPLETELY FREE blogging e-course below to master the basics and start making money online.

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(Okay, so you’ll have to give your email for that but it’s only so you can get the daily lessons. I’m not a spammer, I promise!)

I hope you all have the best of New Years! Click here to listen to the full episode, and don’t forget to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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