How to Protect Your Online Privacy While Blogging

Protect your privacy while blogging

Does blogging risk your privacy? Yes and no. Yes, your data is already out there and it’s probably okay. But also you need to be mindful of what you post, how you secure your data, and who has access to your information. That’s why this week’s episode is all about how to protect your online privacy while blogging.

As a blogger or freelancer, you’re at more risk than the average internet user.

It sucks but it’s true! Luckily, you can protect your online privacy while blogging by being smart.

So how does blogging risk your privacy?

  • Your blog could become the target of a cyber attack
  • You could be discovered by your employer
  • Your finances could get into the wrong hand
  • Your reputation is at risk if you post personal information
  • You expose yourself to cyberbullies, spam, and doxing

Basically, it could be bad news!

This week’s episode was inspired by Tiffany Ferg’s video about a similar topic on YouTube. Definitely watch to get her full breakdown on how data privacy affects culture both online and offline.

How Can You Secure Your Data?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all to data security, taking some proactive steps will go a long where. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Use a PO Box
  • Get domain privacy protection
  • Sign up for a Google Voice Number
  • Use a secure password system
  • Set boundaries about what you will/won’t share online
  • Use a pen name
  • Enable double-factor login
  • Use secure payment systems

This is in no way a complete list, but it is a good start! Click here to listen to the full episode anywhere you find podcasts or use the player below.

What are your tips for keeping your information secure as a blogger?

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