Setting Boundaries as a Freelancer or Blogger

set boundaries as a freelancer

As a freelancer, it’s hard to set boundaries. How do you keep your clients respectful of your time, and how do you respect your own personal time? This podcast episode was all about setting boundaries as a freelancer or blogger no matter your experience level!

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Why Set Boundaries as a Freelancer

Why is it so important to set boundaries as a freelancer? Whether you’re a blogger or business owner, you need to carve out time that’s for you and you alone. If you’re not careful, clients or work could take over your life, and this could have serious consequences.

Here’s why you should set boundaries as a freelancer:

  • Keep your client relationships professional
  • Avoid burnout
  • Protect your free time
  • Take days off when needed
  • Stay mindful of how you spend your time

All of these things matter, though they can be hard to recognize when you’re first getting started. It’s easy to say you’ll contact a client after hours “just this once” or if there’s an “emergency,” but it’s easy to let this get away from you.

What Things Affect Your Boundaries as a Freelancer?

There are a few things that really affect your boundaries as a freelancer. A lot of these aren’t easy to notice, so you might find yourself working more than you expected or letting work time creep into personal time.

Here are things that can easily affect your boundaries while working at home:

  • Clients might demand your attention 24/7
  • You feel unable to take a day off
  • You’re guilty about taking time for yourself
  • It’s impossible to “turn off” your work mindset
  • Your business and personal life feel one and the same

Because you deserve a work/life balance like any “traditional” worker, make sure you listen to the full episode to learn all of the ways to set boundaries as a freelancer or blogger.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of taking time for itself
  • How it’s possible to take days off as a freelancer or blogger
  • Why you need separate finances for work/personal life
  • How to create clear boundaries with clients/brands

You don’t have any time to waste. Your free time is valuable, so why not protect it? You might find yourself firing a client who doesn’t respect your time or needing to reevaluate your goals when it comes to working online.

Protect Your Personal Time as a Freelancer

When you work online, you need to make the most of every hour of the day. That means keeping your work and personal life separate. If you aren’t careful, you’ll hit the burnout wall so many freelancers have experienced.

Listen to the full episode here or anywhere you find podcasts to discover the best tips for setting boundaries. More free time is closer than you think!

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